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Macmillan Fest Notthingham 2018

1st September 2018 saw my second year running attending Macmillan Fest and the second year running as one of event photographers. This year saw me using the full-frame 42.3 megapixel Sony A99ii camera and I think the results speak for themselves. 

A few weeks after the event saw them raise over £9,000 for this event, with the expectation for the final amount raised once Macmillan Fest Bristol (11th November) has taken place.

Bands featured this year included the likes of Black Peaks, Holding Absence, Fahran, Beckon Lane, Eagles Vs Drones, Martyr Defiled, and Borders (to name just 7 of the 60 or so confirmed acts playing across 7 different venues).

You can find more of this event at the following link: https://davelynes.com/Photography/album/macmillan-fest-2018-nottingham

Macmillan Fest Notthingham 2018

Macmillan Fest Notthingham 2018



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Charity Shoot

1st July 2018 will see me in attendance in the capacity of photographer (one of at least three) at a charity raising event. The location, in Biggelswade, Bedfordshire, is a 16th century manor house set inside 24 acres of land, is amazing (see pics below).

For more information about this event (in aid of Angel Wings Baby and Child Loss Support), please visit the Facebook page at FACEBOOK, hosted by Mrs International Bombshell 2017, Penni Stewart.

You can also find her GoFundMe page at : https://www.gofundme.com/andrews-sandy-cuddle-cot


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Site Updates

Yet again, I've decided to move to a new web-host. My previous host was just ridiculously expensive on their renewal fees.

So I've decided to do a bit of a revamp, re-organise and expansion of this site. You maybe won't notice or see any differences, but behind the scenes, I'm reworking a lot of things.
However, due to a full time job and family commitments, my free time equates to about 1.5 hours a night - and hand coding takes time as I don't believe in WordPress or Umbracco - those 'off-the-shelf' packages that everyone else uses. I've played with them - they just don't DO what I want them to do easily. Why fight something when you can code it just as well (or better) - I might as well put my 18 years commercial experience of everything "web" to good use!

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Things happen - some planned, some completely unexpected.

To cut a long story short, I shot at a studio not so long ago (6th August 2017). It was a completely last minute decision (literally applied for shoot with 1 hour to spare). With the shoot completed, and on the basis of the images off the back of the camera, it was mutually agreed that we'd both meet up with another model in Redditch and have another, longer shoot the following Wednesday. 

2 days ago, I get a message from one of the models asking me if it was OK to use my images on her own site! Of course she can! It's a chance to get a little more exposure (no pun intended).

But since these 2 shoots, I've had a lot more people getting interested my work and wanting to shoot with me. I've even had an Access All Areas pass to a large music event in Nottingham! I'm working with another model who's been blown away with some of my shots of her, I'm shooting a fashion event in December and I've currently got 2 other models who are wanting to work with me in the near future. 5 years of hard work, patience and practice my FINALLY be paying off - oh - and I still doing all of this stuff for free! Call me strange - but why should I charge people so I enjoy what is purely a hobby?



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Things must be getting serious!

I'm only doing this photography thing as a hobby, but it seems things are beginning to get more serious than I thought!

It means I've been forced to look at the cost of replacing my gear and it seems the house insurance doesn't cover me for what I need, so I've been forced to take out a specialised insurance policy for £10 a month - but it does mean I'm also covered for £1.25m Public Liability - so it's all good - covered for most things now!

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Macmillan Fest 2017 | Nottingham | Rock City | Rescue Rooms

I've been keeping this under wraps for a week or so until I'd received official confirmation. However, I can now confirm I will be attending Macmillan Fest 2017 in Nottingham (2nd September), as one of the official photographers for the event (an event dedicated to raising money and awareness for those affected by cancer.). With a total of 63 bands spread across 7 stages (Rock City, Rescue Rooms, Stealth, Spanky Van Dykes and Tap N Tumblr), starting at 1pm (for the general public), the day's going to be busy, but worthwhile the effort.

Updates and photographs will no doubt appear on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/DaveLynesPhotography - stay tuned!

For more information about Macmillan Fest 2017, please visit the Facebook page HERE.

And for photos from this event please click on the following links:

Skarlett Riot (https://davelynes.com/Photography/album/skarlett-riot)

Hacktivist (https://davelynes.com/Photography/album/hacktivist-at-macmillan-fest)

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New Web Host

I'm usually quite a loyal customer once you've got me onboard, however, I've switched web hosts for various reasons (cost NOT being one of them). Lets just say, keep your eyes peeled - more features are in the pipeline as and when I managed to roll them out.

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Quick Update

As I've not updated anything for a while....The lovely Kaos Model!

Last updated: 09/08/2016 11:21:12

I really should keep this updated

Owning a website, running a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DaveLynesPhotography) and working a fulltime day job isn't as easy as it seems - especially when there's family, shooting and editing also involved. But anyway... Head over to my Facebook page - if you're within the UK and within a 40 mile radius of Bedford and fancy a shoot - drop me a line and maybe LIKE my Facebook page. I'm open to any and all ideas from anyone (subject to you being over 18 years old).

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Fenland Studio shoot

Studio o'clock start in the morning, 2 models, 2 photographers, lots of coffee, great photos....More photos at https://www.davelynes.com/Photography/Album/fenland-studio


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Web Site Security

I think I may have done a good job. WIth my recent detection of Chinese hack attempts, I decided to run a little test thanks to the guys at http://www.beyondsecurity.com/.

They basically scan your website for vulnerabilities... The results are that they ran 14111 tests against my site, and I came out with 4 very low risk 'failures' (if you want to call them that) - basically, I have a website and it's online! They're ranking my site as 100% secure (A+). Quite amazing! So there you go - secure site - obviously an automated scan and a 'human' may be able to gain further access - but I'm happy with that result!

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Watch the birdie

To quote a very common phrase, "I'll leave this here"...

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Photo retouchers get CONFUSED when they get hungry

Little things amuse me...

Sometimes you hear about certain things that go in the advertising industry, where models are seen with ridiculously extra long or extra thin body parts (all thanks to bad editing in Photoshop). However, Snickers released an advert in which the editors were obviously not feeling themselves... Go check out the link...


In case you've missed it, there’s the missing thigh, extra hand on the shoulder, the cloned-out handbag, the floating hair, the cut off bikini strap, the relocated belly button and the misaligned horizon line.

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Just when you thought it was safe...

I guess the mega-pixel wars are getting serious...Phase One and Sony Design a New 100MP Medium Format Sensor....Ok, it's $48,990 USD, and looks pretty ugly (in my eyes)...Not exactly something you'd want to move outside of a studio setting I guess!!!

Read more at http://www.thephoblographer.com/2016/01/03/phase-one-and-sony-design-a-new-100mp-medium-format-sensor


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Kitty - Urbex Shoot

Given that December is usually cold, wet and windy, it came as a big surprise when the sun came out, it warmed up and the wind calmed down to nothing more than a strong breeze. Having already arranged a shoot together, all of this came as a big bonus. I think the pictures speak for themselves - good weather, great model and the first serious set of photos taken with the new beast....

And with regards to the new beast - I can't believe the difference between it and the old camera - apart from the increased resolution, the clarity and sharpness of the pictures is like night and day. 

Last updated: 27/05/2018 21:31:49

Has your email account been hacked?

Following the recent hacks of TalkTalk, Adobe, Tesco and countless others, it may be possible that your email may have been included and personal details may be publicly available.

However, thanks to a Microsoft MVP Developer, Troy Hunt, a website has been built to help check your details. All you need to do is enter an email address - nothing else! It will then check the details of 66 hacked sites and tell you if your account was included amongst those.  Go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to check your details - you may be surprised!

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As mentioned in a previous post, I'm now the owner of a Sony A77 M2. I'm using exactly the same lenses as I was before. Having gone for one of those "let's go for a wander and take some photo's" walks that only photographers seem to take, I came back with a small collection of images (http://www.davelynes.com/Photography/Album/autumnal-walk-around-bedford). I knew I was happy with the on-camera previews, but it was only when I started going through them on a somewhat larger screen, that I noticed just how detailed they were. I guess the unique focusing system that Sony have worked on has finally paid off. I guess it's the one of the perks of having 79 points of autofocus - 28 more than the nearest comparable Nikon!

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New Camera!

Nikon and Canon owners may sneer and mock - but over the weekend, I became the proud owner of a Sony A77 m2. 24mega pixels of translucent mirror technology and capable of shooting 12 frames per second. Now all I need to hunt for is things to take pictures of whilst learning the full potential of this beast.


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Where did you get your website from?

Where? I built it...from the ground up. It's not an 'off-the-shelf' product. I wrote it and designed the limited graphics and it's a little rough around the edges in places. Hosting was around $10, the domain name was around $20 - so about £20 GBP.

Working in the fast paced world of IT, I get to play with and use the latest and greatest versions of software. You get a lot of experience and you reach a point where you feel that you want to build something for yourself - this is part of what I do. What you see is the result of what was just a little coding playground. OK - so I'm only getting about 15 (genuine) visitors a day - but it's enough - at least people are getting aware of who I am and what I can do.

Maybe this post doesn't really belong in what has become a photography website - maybe a new section is required!

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Last shoot of October!

Sunny, cold, seriously unfriendly light, yet I've never let that beat me...A shot from a shoot in Cambridge this afternoon. 

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Decisions, Decisions...

Walking through the Centre MK and there it was....A Jessops shop. Quickly looking through the range of SLR's on display and there she was....All £800 worth of her. Some people may scoff at Sony as a choice for an SLR (technically an SLT), but I actually quite like them. It think it's called moving forward with the times! Now my only problem is that I haven't quite got the cash to drop on it...and with Christmas coming up, etc, etc.... It may be a little bit of a wait, unless I can remortgage the wife, sell a kidney, win the lottery etc,etc.

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Awesome ideas...

It's that Halloween time of year again and I've got an awesome idea... Although it's gonna be messy. Message me if interested... 

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Old photos, newly edited.

As the weather is getting colder, i thought it might be time to review some old (ie; some of the first) photos I took when things started getting serious. So after sifting through a few, I came across a set I shot back in 2013 with a model from Milton Keynes. I remember this set well - it was the second time I'd taken photos of her and the day was freezing cold, her neighbour was trying to peep through the window from across the road...You can't help wondering what he thought what might have been going on!

Theresa posing in the doorway.

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