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I know it's just a sparrow

I know it's "just" a sparrow, but from where I sit in my house, the bedroom window overlooks the garden and it's just perfect for sitting the camera on a tripod angled at exactly the right angle. Couple this with a Tamron 150-600mm lens and you've got a recipe for some decent shots - I just never seem to be able to capture our resident Robin or Blue Tit though. I just thought it was a good shot with the way the light is reflecting - sometimes there's no need to involve flash or other photographic trickery.

Upgrade complete!

My home network upgrades are 99% complete and finding myself at a loose end and STILL on lockdown means more edits...So here's one from February 2019 from a 4 hour shoot at Aura Studio (https://aurastudio.uk/) located in Newmarket. Great bunch of guys, large areas to shoot in, and help is always on hand if you're not quite sure about things or want help setting up equipment.

Disclaimer: That's my personal viewpoint and it's not a sponsorship or paid 'advert'.

NAS Storage

Between the lockdown and being made furloughed, I'm REALLY glad that I haven't got rid of any of the photos I've taken - yes there's (literally) terabytes and terabytes, but it has meant I've been busy and it's kept me (almost) sane.
The downside of this is where to store the 67,000+ model and client and event shoots, and 55,000+ other personal (friends/family) photo I've taken over the years - along with the videos, music, scans and other stuff you find and want to keep? Keeping these on 5 hard-disks which may (or hopefully may not) fail at any given time is dicing with life and death, so I've invested in a Synology DS918+ NAS device. Data is kept on 4 harddrives, which theoretically means that if one fails, I should be able to recover the data without any issue - just whack in a replacement drive and away we go! Despite it's other capabilities (VPN, backup, docker, proxy, DCHP, Plex media server) - it's primary use is storage - and buckets of it - or in my case, I've still got another 7tb to fill (3-4 years???) and it means I can also re-purpose another drive for backing up the core NAS files. The question is....Who wants to help me fill it? Is there anyone requiring any photographic services?

More edits

Over the past few years, I've been attending a photographic studio on Halloween as it's a nice social get together and a relaxed friendly atmosphere with no big super ego's getting in the way of everything. However, due to family commitments and work, it can sometimes be a while until to get around to editing the raw files that end up getting taken - but with the Corona Virus doing the rounds, I've not got a lot else to do - anyway....here's a couple from 2019.


Corona Virus edits

Being on the Corona Virus lockdown gives you a lot of time to play with older photos, learn new techniques etc.
The main image is from a shoot way back in 29th March 2019 in a little place called Ashwell Springs located just outside of Baldock in Hertfordshire.

Obviously, this is not an actual book you can buy (just a Photoshop render) - although it could be easily arranged - if you're interested, let me know via my contact form and I'm sure we could reach an agreement.

Dave Lynes book mockup