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NAS Storage

16/05/2020 14:16:37

Between the lockdown and being made furloughed, I'm REALLY glad that I haven't got rid of any of the photos I've taken - yes there's (literally) terabytes and terabytes, but it has meant I've been busy and it's kept me (almost) sane.
The downside of this is where to store the 67,000+ model and client and event shoots, and 55,000+ other personal (friends/family) photo I've taken over the years - along with the videos, music, scans and other stuff you find and want to keep? Keeping these on 5 hard-disks which may (or hopefully may not) fail at any given time is dicing with life and death, so I've invested in a Synology DS918+ NAS device. Data is kept on 4 harddrives, which theoretically means that if one fails, I should be able to recover the data without any issue - just whack in a replacement drive and away we go! Despite it's other capabilities (VPN, backup, docker, proxy, DCHP, Plex media server) - it's primary use is storage - and buckets of it - or in my case, I've still got another 7tb to fill (3-4 years???) and it means I can also re-purpose another drive for backing up the core NAS files. The question is....Who wants to help me fill it? Is there anyone requiring any photographic services?

More edits

30/04/2020 20:12:02

Over the past few years, I've been attending a photographic studio on Halloween as it's a nice social get together and a relaxed friendly atmosphere with no big super ego's getting in the way of everything. However, due to family commitments and work, it can sometimes be a while until to get around to editing the raw files that end up getting taken - but with the Corona Virus doing the rounds, I've not got a lot else to do - anyway....here's a couple from 2019.


Corona Virus edits

22/04/2020 19:45:02

Being on the Corona Virus lockdown gives you a lot of time to play with older photos, learn new techniques etc.
The main image is from a shoot way back in 29th March 2019 in a little place called Ashwell Springs located just outside of Baldock in Hertfordshire.

Obviously, this is not an actual book you can buy (just a Photoshop render) - although it could be easily arranged - if you're interested, let me know via my contact form and I'm sure we could reach an agreement.

Dave Lynes book mockup

Our friendly Robin!

23/11/2019 11:44:50

This little guy always seems to be our garden lately - not that we mind - he's cute, friendly and loves posing!


Norse Dragon Armoury Shoot

14/09/2019 10:47:06

I was out and about September, travelling over 100 miles (each way) for this shoot: https://davelynes.com/photography/album/norse-dragon-armoury-shoot

A great day, the weather was PERFECT, met some amazing people and got some amazing images!

Viking Warrior