Dave Lynes Photography

"Dave Lynes" : I'm a photographer from Bedford (UK). Whilst it's only a hobby, I take pride in taking providing photos that the end client is happy with.

Note: This site is a work in progress, so keep coming back

Who am I and what is it I do?

I think the best way to describe myself is as a hobbyist photographer. Photography isn't JUST a hobby; it's more of a passion, an obsession if you like! It's what I think about when I'm not working, it's what I dream about when I sleep. It's always been a part of me, and hopefully, will ALWAYS be a part of me.

Since taking up this hobby, I've had the pleasure and honour of working with various internationally published models, a variety of large, public events and several weddings.

How to contact me.

Whilst I won't give out a public email address (not because I'm annoying or being difficult - just to avoid spam), please feel free to contact using my contact form (click HERE). This applies to whether you want more information about what I do, how I work or to just say hello!

Links and other places to find my work

Find me on Facebook - @DaveLynesPhotography


Instagram @davelynes_photography

You can also find me on PurplePort (will contain some NSFW images...you have been warned) https://purpleport.com/portfolio/davelynes