PurplePort FPI award!

I'm currently sitting here in front of my PC feeling pretty chuffed! 17th September 2019 saw me travelling 110 to Lilleshall Abbey for a Viking themed photoshoot organised by Norse Dragon Armoury.

Between the day-to-day commitments of work and family, there's 1000's of images that I've got, that just get "cherry picked" and shared to various places such as Instagram, one or two members only Facebook groups or more publicly, to PurplePort (https://purpleport.com/). 7th June, I uploaded an image which was received very well, and today, it got awarded a "Front Page Image" - so I must be doing something right - best of all, it's totally safe for work!

If you fancy popping along and seeing for yourself, please click the following link: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/davelynes/image/5756009/Photographer/?type=front