Updates And News

New Camera!

Nikon and Canon owners may sneer and mock - but over the weekend, I became the proud owner of a Sony A77 m2. 24mega pixels of translucent mirror technology and capable of shooting 12 frames per second. Now all I need to hunt for is things to take pictures of whilst learning the full potential of this beast.


Where did you get your website from?

Where? I built it...from the ground up. It's not an 'off-the-shelf' product. I wrote it and designed the limited graphics and it's a little rough around the edges in places. Hosting was around $10, the domain name was around $20 - so about £20 GBP.

Working in the fast paced world of IT, I get to play with and use the latest and greatest versions of software. You get a lot of experience and you reach a point where you feel that you want to build something for yourself - this is part of what I do. What you see is the result of what was just a little coding playground. OK - so I'm only getting about 15 (genuine) visitors a day - but it's enough - at least people are getting aware of who I am and what I can do.

Maybe this post doesn't really belong in what has become a photography website - maybe a new section is required!

Last shoot of October!

Sunny, cold, seriously unfriendly light, yet I've never let that beat me...A shot from a shoot in Cambridge this afternoon. 

Decisions, Decisions...

Walking through the Centre MK and there it was....A Jessops shop. Quickly looking through the range of SLR's on display and there she was....All £800 worth of her. Some people may scoff at Sony as a choice for an SLR (technically an SLT), but I actually quite like them. It think it's called moving forward with the times! Now my only problem is that I haven't quite got the cash to drop on it...and with Christmas coming up, etc, etc.... It may be a little bit of a wait, unless I can remortgage the wife, sell a kidney, win the lottery etc,etc.

Awesome ideas...

It's that Halloween time of year again and I've got an awesome idea... Although it's gonna be messy. Message me if interested...