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Decisions, Decisions...

24/10/2015 11:00:56

Walking through the Centre MK and there it was....A Jessops shop. Quickly looking through the range of SLR's on display and there she was....All £800 worth of her. Some people may scoff at Sony as a choice for an SLR (technically an SLT), but I actually quite like them. It think it's called moving forward with the times! Now my only problem is that I haven't quite got the cash to drop on it...and with Christmas coming up, etc, etc.... It may be a little bit of a wait, unless I can remortgage the wife, sell a kidney, win the lottery etc,etc.

Awesome ideas...

18/10/2015 11:47:43

It's that Halloween time of year again and I've got an awesome idea... Although it's gonna be messy. Message me if interested... 

Old photos, newly edited.

18/10/2015 08:39:50

As the weather is getting colder, i thought it might be time to review some old (ie; some of the first) photos I took when things started getting serious. So after sifting through a few, I came across a set I shot back in 2013 with a model from Milton Keynes. I remember this set well - it was the second time I'd taken photos of her and the day was freezing cold, her neighbour was trying to peep through the window from across the road...You can't help wondering what he thought what might have been going on!

Theresa posing in the doorway.