Macmillan Fest 2018 - Nottingham

07/09/2018 18:58:09

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Macmillan Fest is an annual event held in Nottingham at Rock City and surrounding clubs. They've raised over £9,000 this year already, with the expectation of the final amount raised to increase once Macmillan Fest Bristol (11th November) has taken place. This year was my second as a photographer covering this event and although tiring, found it very rewarding - the people, atmosphere, no trouble - I mean - it's a breath of fresh air. Anyway....I could ramble on and on, but I won't...

Bands featured this year included the likes of Black Peaks, Holding Absence, Fahran, Beckon Lane, Eagles Vs Drones, Martyr Defiled, and Borders (to name just 7 of the 60 or so confirmed acts playing across 7 different venues).

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